Inshaalah A TALK ABOUT WOMEN IN ISLAM will be held on the 22nd of April 2009 at Nove Adalbertinum (as shown in the poster above). The talk will be conducted in Czech language and 2 speakers have been invited to talk about the topic. It is scheduled to last about 90 to 120 minutes.
Posters will be put on the notice board of several places such as in the faculty, Education Centre, The University of Hradec Kralove, Faculty of Pharmacy, library etc.
E-mails will be send to all Czech students via the Student Office.
We are currently trying to arrange an advertisement in the local newspaper.

'Dakwah' is the main aim of the talk and our target group for this talk is the locals. Inshaallah the effort will not stop here. This talk will be our starting point in spreading this beloved 'Deen' of ours. We have planned some other talks that Inshaalah will be held in the future.

Please invite as many Czech as you all can to the event. Your supports are very crucial for the success of the event. Remember that we should follow the biggest 'sunnah' of our beloved Prophet Muhammad, which is to do 'dakwah'. So this is not a request but an offer for a place in 'Jannah' inshaalah.

By RajeevSham
on behalf of the