This was the khutbah that I prepared for the jum'ah prayer on 1st May.


Last week a talk about women in Islam, Zena v Islamu was held here in Hradec Kralove. Alhamdulillah about 13 Czech came. Although the number was small Alhamdulillah the responds was mashaAllah good. A lot of questions were asked to the speaker which I believe was a good indication of the acceptance of our Deen by the locals. The question now is whether we are willing to sacrifice our time, money, effort etc to do da’wah, to be the testimonial of this Deen so that the non-believer will know about Islam, the true Islam itself. Anyway, I am not going to talk about the event in this khutbah but only want to relate an incidence that occurred that day. There was a Czech guy who approached me after the talk ended that day. He asked something about Islam and we started answering him with the best of our capabilities. Actually he had already asked a lot of questions during the Q and A session but maybe due to the limited time that day he wasn’t able to ask everything that he wanted to know. There was one question that he asked which attracted my intention that day.

“What do you think about other religion which was initiated by a man who claims he is a prophet himself?”

Of course the answer was obvious. I said to him I will not acknowledge that religion because Islam alone is the truth and there is no prophet after Muhammad S.A.W.
There is proof in the Quran stating that there will not be any more prophets sent to us after Muhammad S.A.W

[Al-Ahzab-33:40] Muhammad was not the father of any man among you. He was a messenger of GOD and the final prophet. GOD is fully aware of all things.

Although we had answered that guy’s question, I was still not satisfied. When I was on my way home after the event, there was a doubt in my head. Is it enough to have only one proof to show that what I believe is true????

Narrated Anas:

The Prophet said "None of you will have faith till he loves me more than his father, his children and all mankind."

-Authentic by Bukhari-

Isn’t it sad that I or maybe we who claim that we love our prophet more than anything besides Allah can’t even back him up against such question?
How can I tell the non-believer of the fact that Muhammmad S.A.W was a true and last messenger by only having some verses from Quran as proof? Most probably they will not believe me since they do not have faith in Islam before they could even believe the verses of Quran. So what will be the other arguments to justify our claim? There are tremendous amount of proof that we can find and I believe most of us know some of it but maybe it is scattered in our brain that we could not group them together when similar situation which occurred to me happen.

Actually people who claim that they are the prophet can be separated into 3 groups:

1) They have personal intention to achieve by acting or becoming a prophet
2) They are telling what they thing is the truth which was actually not (they are mad)
3) They are really the prophet themselves

Lets us compare all these three traits with Rasulullah S.A.W. and from there deduce the conclusion.

Let me use myself as an example. Let’s say that I want to get something valuable in this world but I can’t get it in normal way and decided to claim myself as a prophet. I will start by giving a sermon which I will make up myself and reveal it to others like you people here. I will demand the people who want to follow me to do certain things, the things that I want. Probably I will ask my followers to build a big luxurious prayer place for me where I can stay, ask money, girls, expensive car etc by using the name of god as a tool to achieve it.

But let us see the sirah of Rasulullah S.A.W regarding this. I believe that all of you brothers had heard about this story where the Quraish offered Rasulullah wealth, prestige and women so as to stop Rasulullah from his da'wah.

The incidence when Allah 1st ordered Rasulullah to call people to Islam in public…

Muhammad, The Last Prophet (saw) made his way to Mount Safa, the most well-known elevation in the whole of Makkah, to announce Islam to its people at a time when 360 idols were placed around the Kaaba. He felt no fear or shame. Stood on a high place, and exclaimed, 'Ya Sabaha-hu'. His voice resounded on the mountain and attracted the attention of the people.
The tradition of people that time, if anyone saw an army going to attack Makah, he have to take his clothes off(naked) and run to top of Mount Safa and shout “People, people army is attacking!!!”
But Rasulullah didn’t do it and people still came to see what he was going to tell (people believed him).
Large crowds from various tribes hurried toward him to hear what he was going to say. Muhammad, The Last Prophet (saw) turned to them and said,
'O people! Will you believe me if I say there is an army marching behind this mountain which is about to attack you?'
They all answered, 'Of course we would, we have not heard a lie from you throughout your life'.
People of Makah themselves testify that Muhammad was truthful – earlier they nicknamed Muhammad, Al-Amin (the trustworthy).
People who going to be against Rasulullah themselves said he was truthful???? Why???

Muhammad, The Last Prophet (saw) said, 'O people of the Quraish! I warn you to fear God's punishment. Save yourself from the fire. My position is the same as that of the sentry who sees the enemy from afar and warns his people of the danger of their enemies. Does such a person ever lie to his people?'
Abu Lahab ibn Abd Al-Muttalib, who feared lest Muhammad, The Last Prophet's (saw) words should impress the people, broke the silence and addressing him said, 'Give our oath to you? May you perish (die)! Have you gathered us here to tell us such words?'
“Ooo Muhammad, may your face be rub in dust may you be humiliated. Is this what you waste our time for??

Abu Lahab ibn Abd Al-Muttalib interrupted Muhammad, The Last Prophet (saw) so rudely and did not let him continue his speech. In return for so much insolence, denial of the truth, and cooperation with the idol worshippers and polytheists, Allah (SWT) revealed the verse that severely reproves Muhammad, The Last Prophet (saw).

"May the hands of Abu Lahab perish, may he (himself) perish. His wealth avails him not, neither what he had earned. Soon will he roast in a flaming fire, and his wife, the bearer of the firewood, upon her neck a rope of twisted palm-fibre." (Noble Qur'an, 111:1-5)

This was the 1st time Rasulullah called people to Islam but he had already said that Abu Lahab and his wife would go to hell fire. Does people who are lying will suddenly blame others and said that he know that a particular person won’t believe him forever? For sure not. They would not want to put themselves in danger by giving out such blames.
But look at our Prophet. Did he do the same thing? No and no.


Uthbah(the representative of the Quraisy) was sent to Rasulullah because the Quraisy were afraid of the spreading of Islam.

Ooo Muhammad, if you want to be our king, we will make you our king, if you want to be the richest man among us, we will give you money and make you the richest man among us, if there is any beautiful women you desire then tell us who and she will be yours, and if you suffer from some illness that you said there is some spirit came to you we will spent any amount of money to cure you”.

The prophet rejected that all for He is a man of great personality. Wealth, prestige and women were not his aspirations. All he wanted was that to bring the people to believe in Allah. His patience bears fruit. The Muslimins became stronger and the musyrikin decided to kill Rasulullah.
And there was incidence after which Rasulullah said to Abu Talib
‘Look Uncle! By Allah, if they were to put the sun in my right hand and the moon in my left hand, I will never give up my call, until Allah gives it prominence or that I will be killed for its sake.’
Nabi sallallahu alayhi wasalam then wept and went away.
So if Rasulullah wants something worldly, why did he refused such offer and was willing to undergo life threatening situations to spread this Deen????

There is one more story in which we can see that Rasulullah S.A.W. was the true prophet.
In Medina, Rasulullah had a son named Ibrahim who died on his hand when the child was 6 month old. On the same day eclipse happened.
If you were there, you will say that it was a sign showing that Muhammad was a prophet.
People started running and said, “Look, look!! Even the sun darkens out of respect, moaning the death of Muhammad’s son.”
If he was lying or deluded, he would agree with the statement and said that it was the sign from god.
But he called everyone and announced, “This is the sun and this is the moon. They do not rise or set or eclipse for the birth or death of any man. So when you see this pray to your god.” Then he taught the do’a of the eclipse.

Rasulullah was well known during his time as a man who never lied. It is clear that he was not crazy. And if you want more evidence justifying this, there are tremendous amount of verses in Quran which talk about science, the knowledge which was only recently known to man. How do you think our prophet made up this thing by him selves without any access to technology that time??? How does a ordinary man who lived in the midle of a dessert, without getting any aid from some gadjets or machine, who was 'ummi', didnt know how to write and read had such kind of extraordinary knowledge?

How do we explain about the verse on formation of clouds and rain?
About the development of human being (embryology)? Surah Al-Insan
About the verse telling us that the sea n river water do not mix? Ar-Rahman(55)
About people being made from soil? Al-mukminun(23)
How about a verse in surah Yunus which told us that sun radiate light while moon only reflect light?
About the landing place of Noah’s Ark at mounts Judi?

Eg: Naba’ 78:7

[78:7] and the mountains stabilizers?

We only know that mountains act as the stabilizers of earth recently, but the knowledge was revealed in Quran 1400 years ago. How can it be unless it was the word of the creator Himself.

So from all this we can conclude that Muhammad S.A.W was really the messenger of Allah with no doubt. The Quran is enough as the absolute proof of this statement. The miracles in Quran as the example I gave just now show that it was impossible for a man to create it. Quran was the words of Allah send to Muhammad, His messenger through the angel, Jib rail.
I hope that what I raised up in the khutbah today can help us with our effort to follow the biggest Sunnah of our beloved prophet Muhammad S.A.W which is to do dakwah, Insha’Allah.

By RajeevSham